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It was an honor to present at the Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) in Juneau, Alaska. Thank you Rosita Worl for inviting me. I shared some of my past as well as the  story behind the Chookaneidee clan’s use of a Devilfish crest.

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It was great having Chris Cashman and KING 5 news stop by my carving studio this past week. I enjoyed sharing a little background on the Ancestors Totem Pole before it makes its way to my Mom's home village of Hoonah, Alaska.

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Carving Videos & Storytelling

As an Artist Fred Fulmer has created videos to share his experience. He likes to say: "A view of a day in the life of an Artist". Fred likes to greet his viewers in his Native tongue. He enjoys the idea of "Coming From My Place to Your Place" and "Literally Carving Out My Future"

Check out some of Fred Fulmer's latest videos below!

Join Fred Fulmer Tlingit Artist Getting Back To Balancing This Mask
Fred Fulmer Tlingit Artist

Join Fred Fulmer Tlingit Artist Getting Back To Balancing This Mask

After experiencing a bad slip and fall, I am now getting back to what I enjoy doing.... Carving. In this video I take an overall look of the giant carved mask to better understand what areas need to be balanced out. It is important to have the mask upright and standing to get a good visual. I also speak about the headdress that the Tlingit Kaa will be wearing. I am looking at what I need to do on the front surface to bring it to a finished state, then I look at the back side to see what wood I need to remove to lighten up the overall mask. If you remove too much wood on the back side, you limit how much wood you can remove from the front and you do not want to be breaking through the surface and ruining your masterpiece. I am one step closer to adding the finishing touches such as the paint, cedarbark hair, ermine, possible copper nose ring, and the carved frontlet which will also be painted. This mask will be mounted on a pedestal once finished. It feels good to be back in my carving space. Visit Fred Fulmer's Online Store: Visit Fred Fulmer's Official Website: Follow Fred Fulmer Tlingit Artist on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: #tlingit #tlingitartist #tlingitart #nativeart #nativeartist #woodcarver #totempole #totem #woodcarving #native #giantmasks #nativecarver #fredfulmer #fredfulmernativeart #fredfulmertlingitartist
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